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Cookies disclosures


This site uses cookies and similar technologies to ensure proper functioning of the site and improve the visitor experience. The present disclosure describes information for using cookies and similar technologies throughout this site.

Definition: cookies are short pieces of alphanumeric text that the visited sites by users send to the devices used for navigation (computer, tablet or smartphone). These files are stored for reuse later from the same locations during subsequent visits.

Types of cookies: cookies are divided into different types according to the characteristics and the use for which they are prepared. They are divided into:

  • Technical cookies: these are cookies needed for navigation or to perform a service requested by the user; They are not used for further purposes. Without these cookies, many operations may not be performed or could become more difficult or less safe.
  • Profiling cookies: these cookies are used to track the visitor’s navigation on the web and do “profiling”, that is, create profiles on the tastes and habits of the visitor. These cookies are used to send visitors to advertising suited to their tastes and to his choices.

This site uses cookies types that have the following tasks:

  • Carry out activities strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the site (strictly necessary cookies).
  • Analyze to monitor traffic and use of the site anonymously, with the aim of optimizing the functioning of the site (cookies for analysis and performance).

This site could also uses third-party cookies, that is managed by third-party sites: this type of cookie is essential to ensure proper operation of the social features of the site. Information gathered by “third parties” are handled according to the relevant information of which a list is just below, with the aim of ensuring greater convenience and transparency in the use of the site:

  • Facebook disclosure: . To configure access to your Facebook account and visit the section Privacy.
  • Twitter disclosure: For configuration visit the following link:

This site also uses the Google Analytics service to analyze web traffic provided by Google: for this purpose, use third party cookies that Google Analytics collects and manages.

  • For more information visit the following link:
  • Any visitor has the opportunity to make opt-out to disable Google Analytics by installing the browser used the following tool:

Cookie management: every visitor of this site is free to accept or decline cookies through the correct use of your browser settings used for navigation. However, disabling cookies may make it difficult / impossible / less secure some site functions. Attached is a list to change settings on the browser cookies used for navigation:

  • Internet Explorer:
  • Firefox:
  • Chrome:
  • Safari:
  • Opera: